Thursday, August 19, 2004

Frustrations of the 21st century

It's raining here...not very heavy. Certainly not "Singing In the Rain" heavy. Been doing that since this morning. Having rain in August is a rarity in Texas. It just doesn't happen. I'm grateful that I can go out in my garage and tell the sprinkler system to not water this week, but the weather seems to have some unfortunate side effects. My power is off and yes, I paid my bill.

How, you say, can you blog while the power is off? I say, UPS baby. I have six UPS units in the house running various hardware. A 250 running my satellite receiver and multi-switch in the master bedroom. A 650 runs my wife's computer. I have a pair of 1500s that run my entertainment system, although the one that runs the satellite, VCR and TV in the living room has taken to shutting down after 30 seconds...I gotta figure that out. The other one is running my home stereo so I have that, or I'll have that for another 30-45 minutes maybe which will give me the chance to hear a song or two between commercials...I hate modern radio! I also have a 1400 running some computers in a front bedroom and a 650 that runs DSL, hub and wireless router which is why I can still blog...on my laptop. Ah, batteries are wonderful.

Now for the rant. Why the fsck does my power go out on a regular basis? And I'll guarantee that the power is on across the street and in the apartments behind me. it's only my friggin' side of the street with no power, which means I can't get anything out of the fridge and my truck is trapped in the garage.

Now I know what you're thinking but wait, my story get's better...

The "better" part if you can call it that is that TXU (the local electric company) has a phone number that you call when your power goes out. Since we switched to online billing, that number/computer no longer recognizes me as a customer, and the electric company never calls you back when you have a problem so I can only hope that other people on the block are also reporting outages. Otherwise I'm screwed. The last time the power went out, it died at exactly 8:30 in the morning and it was out for almost exactly 12 hours, which leads me to believe that it was shut off intentionally. Now the power went out at exactly 12:30 and knowing this company's history, I'm afraid I won't get it back for a long friggin' time.

Holy shit!!! Hold the phone!

TXU just called my cellphone to check the status of my outage! I love how they always ask me to check all my breakers in the house to see if they've tripped. I've never seen that happen however I'm a good boy and I checked them anyway. Nope, power still out. I guess I'll go walk around in the rain looking for dark neighbors because, "I have no reports of an outage in your area." They never do.

I wish I had a whole-house generator and a shit-load of diesel.